Upcoming Presentations

January 18, 2023 — “The Intended Speaker in 1QHodayota and the Teacher Hymns Hypothesis,” The Forum for Ancient Religions, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Past Presentations

December 12, 2022 — “The Impact of Different Sequences of Psalms on the Performative Reading of 1QHodayota and 4QHodayota,” The Qumran Forum, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel.

November 21, 2022 — presenting with Esther Chazon, “The Digital Reconstruction of 4Q504 and its Textual, Scribal, and Material Considerations,” Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, Denver, CO.

2022.10.11 - Screenshot - 12.12.50

August 29, 2022 — presented with Hasia Rimon, “‘Envelope #190, Unidentified Fragments’: Reassessing the Missing Handle Sheet of 1QHodayota at the Shrine of the Book,” The Dead Sea Scrolls as Physical Artefacts: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives, Symposium of the Lying Pen of Scribes Project, University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway.

2022.08.26 - Unidentified Fragments Presentation - Johnson and Rimon.pptx

August 9, 2022 — “Arranged for Performative Effect? An Examination of the Different. Sequences of Psalms on the Performative Reading of 1QHodayota and 4QHodayota“, IOQS 2022, Zürich, Switzerland.

Arranged for Performative Effect

March 24, 2022 — “Does the Psalm in 1QHa 19:6–20:6 Fit in 4QHa I 1–II 17? An Experiment
Using Traced Letters,” Hybrid Workshop: The Role of Text and Compositions in the Material Reconstruction of Psalms and Prayers: 4QWords of the Luminariesa (4Q504) and 4QHodayota (4QHa),” The W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, East Jerusalem.

Albright Workshop Presentation - Johnson

August 4, 2021 — “Two Bundles of Thanksgiving: An Assessment of Three Scenarios for the Folding and Wadding of 1QHodayota“, EABS Annual Conference, Wuppertal, Germany (online).

May 12, 2021 — “Look Who’s Talking: Reconsidering the Speaker in the ‘Teacher Hymns’ (1QHa),” International Conference on Qumran Literature/Dead Sea Scrolls: The Origin of the Sectarian Movement in the Dead Sea Scrolls, University of Pretoria (online). 

December 12, 2019 — “Farewell to Teacher Hymns and Community Hymns: A Generic Reassessment of the Hodayot,” Jonas C. Greenfield Scholars’ Seminar, Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Literature.
12:30 to 2:00 PM; Room 2001, the Rabin World Center of Jewish Studies

November 26, 2019 — “David’s Prayer and the Maskil’s Psalm: Some Observations on a Common Rhetorical Strategy in 1 Chr 29:10–20 and 1QHa 5:12–6:33,” Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature.
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM; Room: 30C (Upper Level East) – Convention Center

November 18, 2018 — “You Will Say on That Day, ‘I Thank You, O Lord,’ (Isa 12:1): Hodayot Thanksgiving Psalms as Realizations of Isaiah’s Eschatological Thanksgiving (Isa 12:1-6),” Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, Denver, CO.

August 1, 2018 — “Visualizing Material Reconstructions in Three Dimensions: Some Insights on the Placement of 1QM Frg. 9 from a Scrollable Digital Model,” International Society of Biblical Literature Meeting, Helsinki, Finland.

May 27, 2018 — “Wrapping Up the War Scroll: Some Reflections on Digitally Rolling Material Reconstructions to Aid in Fragment Placements,” Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies, Regina, SK, Canada.

May 18, 2018 — (Graduate Organizing Committee) System/Système D: Improvising Digital Scholarship, Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship Graduate Colloquium, Hamilton, ON, Canada.

April 26, 2018 — “A Visualization for Reconstructions of Rolled Manuscripts: A Scrollable Model of the War Scroll,” Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship Graduate Colloquium, Hamilton, ON, Canada.

April 11, 2018 — (Organizer) The Scrollery Colloquium,  McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada.


Sarianna Metso: “Altar at Qumran? Yom Kippur in the Rule Texts.”

Daniel Machiela: “The Compositional Setting and Implied Audience of Some Aramaic Texts from Qumran: A Working Hypothesis.”

January 25, 2018 — “Wrapping Up the War Scroll: A Scrolling Three-Dimensional Model of the War Scroll,” Albright Institute Workshop, Jerusalem.

January-February, 2018 — George A. Barton Fellowship, Albright Institute for Archaeological Research

November 20, 2017 — “The New Edition of DSS F.Instruction1: A Case Study on Professional Ethics and SBL Policy,” in Forgery and Writing Provenance in Writing Histories of Ancient Israel and Judah, Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, Boston, MA.2017.11.20 - New Edition of DSS F.Instruction.png

April 19–June 22, 2017 — Research Trip to Jerusalem and Göttingen

June 6, 2017 — “Rolling back Assumptions about 1QHodayota: Scrolling, Folding, and Wadding Reconstructions in Blender,” University of Haifa.2017.06.04 - Rolling back assumptions Haifa copy.001.png

May 15, 2017 – Presentation at the Orion Center Discussion Hour

May 25–June 22, 2017 — Research at the École Biblique

April 6, 2017 – Scrollery Colloquium of McMaster University and the University of Toronto: “One Text or Three: A Proposal for a Unified Reading of 1QS-1QSa-1QSb”

March 29, 2017 — (co-organized with Miriam DeCock) McMaster Ancient Judaism and Ancient Christianity Seminar (MAJACS): Papers by John VanMaaren and Andrew Knight-Messenger. Respondents: Stephen Westerholm and Andrew Perrin.

January 24, 2017 — (co-organized with Miriam DeCock) McMaster Ancient Judaism and Ancient Christianity Seminar (MAJACS) Panel: Review of Matthew Thiessen’s Paul and the Gentile Problem (Oxford, 2016).

Paul and the Gentile Problem FB.001.png

November 21, 2016 — SBL Paper: “Divinely Imposed Silence in the Thanksgiving Hymns (Hodayot) from Qumran: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Speechlessness of the Psalmist and His Opponents,” in the joint session of the program units, Speech and Talk in the Ancient Mediterranean World and Sense and Culture in the Biblical World.

November 20, 2016 — SBL Panel: “A Presentation of the Unprovenanced Fragment, DSS F.Instruction1” in the panel, “Teaching Biblical Studies in an Undergraduate Liberal Arts Context.”

July 9th–July 14th, 2016 — Research stay at the École biblique et archaeologique française de Jérusalem

June 18th-July 9th, 2016 — Volunteering at Archaeological Dig at Ashkelon

May 29th, 2016 — Canadian Society of Biblical Studies Paper, 3:45–4:15p (location TBA):

Testing Stegemann

“Testing Stegemann’s Placement of Fragment 10 in the Reconstruction of 1QHodayota: Two Digital Approaches” at the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies Annual Meeting, Calgary, AB, 2016.


In Hartmut Stegemann’s reconstruction of 1QHodayota, the largest of the Thanksgiving Hymns manuscripts, he arranged the fragments and damaged columns in their original locations in the manuscript on the assumption that a roll of leather will sustain damage in repeated patterns when unrolled. Overall Stegemann’s reconstruction has been well received, but the placement of fragment 10 is debated for physical, orthographic, and formal reasons. This paper examines the placement of frg. 10 using two recent digital techniques for testing fragment placements by judging the space for parallel textual witnesses to fit in the lacunae.

May 14th, 2016 — Poster for the 50th Anniversary of Religious Studies at McMaster

March 30th, 2016 — MAJACS Presentation: “Approaching Manuscripts Digitally: A Retrospect on a Year of Applying Digital Scholarship to a Research Problem in 1QHodayota


As part of:

MAJACS Invite Mar 2016

March 17th, 2016 — 12–1pm: Sherman Centre Colloquium — “The puzzling case of fragment 10 in the Thanksgiving Hymns manuscript 1QHodayota: A case study about two computer-aided approaches for evaluating the placement of fragments in Dead Sea scrolls reconstructions”

The Puzzling Case

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